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We will introduce our varieties of HANABI as well as traditional Japanese HANABI shells which are known to the world as high quality artwork.



National Fireworks Competition
[Omagari Hanabi]

The festival began in 1910 with this year’s festival as the 90th, Omagari Hanabi is the most famous competition for Japanese pyrotechnician. The awards given at this event such as “Prime Minister Award”, “Minister of Economy, Trade and Industrial Award”, “Japan Tourist Agency Award” and others are what all pyrotechnists aim to claim every year. Everyone gathers to see the best fireworks in Japan at this event.

Date: Fourth Saturday of August
No. of Shells: Approx. 18,000 Shells
No. of audience: 710,000 People



Nagaoka Matsuri Hanabi Festival

This historical festival takes place for two days alongside the Shinano River in Nagaoka-city. The significant number of Hanabi shells, 20,000 shells, used during this festival comes with a variety of sizes and design. Highlights of the event are 650m diameter in the air “Sei-sanshakudama”(36 inches shell), 650m width “Niagara”(waterfall) and the colorful wide starmines. Also, the “Wide Starmine Phoenix” which extends up to 2km and “Starmine Tenchijin” “Flower of the Sky” fireworks which are synchronized with music with a story like performance is popular to the crowd every year. “Sei-sanshakudama” seen upstream Chosei Bridge and “Phoenix” seen downstream Ote Bridge is recommended.

Date: 2nd and 3rd of August
No. of Shells: Approx. 20,000 shells
No. of Audience: Approx. 1,000,000 people



Kanagawa Newspaper Hanabi Festival

The Yokohama Minatomirai 21 is known for its world’s largest ferris-wheel clock “Cosmo Clock”, the Landmark Tower, and Red Brick Storage. The festival lights all of these scenes beautifully at night. With over 15,000 shells launched, one of the most recommended is the Jumbo Starmine launched with the support of civilians. You may reserve a seat for the occasion with finger food and drinks included.

Date: First week of August
No of Shells: Approx. 15,000 shells
No. of audience: Approx: 200,000 people



Tsuchiura National Hanabi Competition

Pyrotechnists all over the country gather to compete at this event. One that resembles the Omagari Hanabi in Akita. There are three pillars to this competition; Starmine Division, Size 120 inches Division and Creative Hanabi Division to determine the quality of Hanabi which casts a magical and beautiful show into the night sky of Tsuchiura. At the middle of the event ,the Wide Starmines sponsored by the organizers which launches at different locations simultaneously with music is an eye-opener of the event.

Date: First Saturday of October
No. of Shells: Approx. 20,000 Shells
No. of audience: Approx. 700,000 people



Suwako Lake Hanabi Festival

Suwako Lake Hanabi Festival started in 1949 for bringing light of hope to the society. The festival holds a significant location not only in the Nagano area but nationally as well. The must watch for this festival are the 2 km wide Niagara(Waterfall) and “Kiss of Fire” both beautifully reflecting on the lake surface. “Kiss of Fire” launched close to the lake surface shows the shape of a flower blooming with its reflection creating a round sphere.

Date: August 15
No. of shells: Approx. 40,000 shells
No. of Audience: Approx. 500,000 people


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