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We are a family business which has, since founded, been in the epicenter of importing/exporting fireworks in Japan.

As the only business in Japan which utilizes the FireOne fireworks system, we have been building a firm relationship with local/overseas firework companies.

Recently, we have expanded from the export business to successfully creating a track record of firing fireworks outside of Japan.

Also, we support various sizes and types of firework events from local school events and private events to large scale showing.

We support the whole fireworks community in Japan, one of the biggest display our company heavily supported is the annual “Kanagawa Newspaper HANABI Festival” held in Yokohama.


  • HANABI Launch

  • Distribution of HANABI Gear, shells, all related products

  • International fireworks transportation logistical support

  • Fireworks Festival Support



CEO   Mitsuhisa Takahashi

H.Q.   No.2-12-8-5FC,Shin-yokohama Kouhoku-ku,Yokohama,JAPAN

TEL   +81-45-470-1030

FAX   +81-45-472-1101


Member of Japan Pyrotechnics Association, Kanagawa div.
Member of Japan Explosives Safety Association


Oct 1992

Founded in Kanagawa District Yokohama and begin business of launching fireworks

Feb 1994

Begin exporting Japanese Shells to the United States



Begin importing US shells to Japan for distribution in Japan



Begin importing and distributing gear for US produced fireworks stage in Japan



Begin producing fireworks for movie production in the United States

Nov 1998

Transferred company location in Yokohama


Mar 2003

Begin importing Chinese shells to Japan for distribution in Japan


Sep 2003

Begin importing U.S. fireworks ignition systems


Feb 2006

Transferred company location to Kohoku, Yokohama


Mar 2015

Transferred company location to Shin-Yokohama Station front

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